4G $25  Unlimited Talk / Text & Picture

  4G $35 Unlimited Talk, Text &1GB of Data


Check plan prior to paying to make sure you are paying for the right plan

you are on.
If you are changing plans, please visit the store or call and change

 plan by calling 
208-542-1133. You will be charged for the new plan and can
resume paying online
once the plan has been changed.

If you want to pay online, call us or send us a message on Facebook & we will

 add your number to the online system.

Question 1: Can I use my existing Verizon phone with Lend Me An Ear Wireless?

Answer:  Yes 4G.You cannot use a retail-packaged prepaid  4G smartphone that you purchased in Walmart or Target unless it was used over a month on Verizon Prepaid.You cannot use any device that is blacklisted (lost or stolen). The Verizon phone cannot be flashed. They must have a CLEAR ESN in order to be used on our network. You can get an ESN/IMEI checked done by going to www.swappa.com or Lend Me An Ear can check it for you.  The device must be a Verizon device, with Verizon original software on the device.

Question 2: How do I check my balance or expiration date?

Answer   Dial 611 then press Talk on your cellular device.

Question 3: Can I change my plan at any time?

Answer  Yes you can. Keep in mind though if you decide half way through your month that you want to change, your remaining time & balances will be lost and your new plan will start with a new expiration date.


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